Who is Shinu A K?
An Engineering graduate and an IT Professional based in Kerala, India. Shinu was born & brought up in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala.

What is the qualification of Mr. Shinu A K?
He was educated in one of the finest schools in the city – Lourdes Mount Higher Secondary School, Vattappara. Later on he completed Engineering UG degree in Information Technology from the University of Kerala.

Do you have a mentor or someone who inspired you, Mr. Shinu?
Yes, obviously. My 7 th grade science teacher who taught me to be ambitious and creative.

And what do you like to do, Mr. Shinu?
As a person, I am caring & helpful, who sees life as a challenge. I love socializing & meeting new people.

How can I reach you?
Well, you can contact me via Telephone (+91 9847038565) / Email (shinu@shinu.co.in) / Website (www.shinu.co.in/contact)